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Yama no Susume Third Season – 04

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nice song, nerd

Fantastic episode. A bit of flair with the animation again, some really touching character growth, and a few new faces, too. Also, a special throwback musical surprise.

The only note is that the Saitama Seibu Lions are the baseball team that represents Saitama (including Hannou). They appear to be pretty decent.

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Yama no Susume Third Season – 03

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still broek


Nice, easy-going episode. I said we were back to typical last week, but we’re really back in the normal Susume groove this time: climbing mountains, complaining, having fun anyway. But we’ve got a couple bonuses in a fantastic new OP and some nice character interaction between a pair that we don’t usually see in isolation. I hope you enjoy it.

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Yama no Susume Third Season – 02

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still broke


After that atmospheric miracle what was the first episode, we’re back to more typical territory. Episode 2 doesn’t feel much at all like Yuru Camp (though Yukichi’s back, and he’s actually being used this time; the Yamas (bar Kokona) are rather better off than their hobo Yuru counterparts) and instead recalls the First Season in a number of different ways; especially, the main focus of the episode should remind you of a very similar shopping trip back in the OG. Also, contrasting the perfectly consistent and on-model first episode, there’s some very distinct, stylish animation and a fairly unconventional artstyle this time. Being fairly varied with respect to the visuals has always been one of the more interesting sides of Susume (alas, this season’s OP falls a bit short of the Second’s) (see also: Kancolle, but the game, not the anime), and it’s nice to see that coming back.

Great episode; what else can I say? Oh, right, the notes are what else I can say.

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Yama no Susume Third Season – 01

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alt text is broke

yfw your show gets a third season

Welcome to Summer! We’re extremely fortunate to be getting another cour of this wonderful show, and I’m pleased beyond words to be able to bring it to you. It is a truth universally acknowledged that cute girl shows get better with additional seasons, and this Third one hits the ground running with an opening episode as touching, relatable, and miraculous as Yama no Susume’s always been. And with the atmosphere and scenery in this episode, that particular opening shot, and an unexpectedly jazzy OP, it seems to have picked up more than a little of Yuru Camp’s special magic as well. They should have called it Yama Camp. Yuru no Susume. Yuru Yama no Camp Susume: Δ Season. I’ve got high hopes; get ready for an excellent summer.

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P.S. Sorry about the delay. First episode, you know. To be clear, my fault. Next week (this week) should be much faster, and we’ll try to beat Episode 3’s air date.

We’ve also already got everyone’s favourite: TL notes. I wrote too many of them, so after the jump.

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About SSR…

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those are some convenient boxes


You know how I said SSR was still coming? Well, there does happen to be just one very minor issue, which is that we don’t have a BD source; we were sort of expecting one to be around by now, but apparently not. As an obvious result SSR isn’t actually going to happen until we get one. So if you do have the BDs, and are interested in helping save by far the best show last season about bike roadtrips, please contact joletb or get that thing out via the usual channels. Much appreciated.

Kujisuna’s in a similar situation but no one cares about that so if you’ve got it and want to make me check all that Greek shit again are generous enough to help there, we’d really appreciate that too.

Or you can donate like a thousand dollars via the direct donation link that doesn’t exist yet if that’s the way you roll. Thanks for watching Asenshi!

EDIT: We got an SSR source! Thank you guys, I wasn’t expecting it to be anywhere near this quick. We’d still appreciate Kujisuna, but that’s lower priority. Thanks again!