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Made in Abyss – BDBOX1

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Wow, another show picked up by us? Who would’ve thought?!
I do jest though, as this was supposed to be done at Asenshi but due to lack of staff, it wasn’t quite possible.
And hopefully this time, we’re gonna go at a much faster pace.

Special thanks go to Unbased and motbob, who have helped greatly with revamping the scripts!

Winter 2018/9 Plans

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That’s right, we’re picking up… nothing.

But worry not, we will return in Spring for a very special show!

For now though, we will continue working on BD releases (except DarliFra, that’s dropped)
and hopefully also get Girls’ Last Tour released during January.

See you soon!

SSSS.GRIDMAN – 12 (Final)

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Translation: Crunchyroll
Translation Checking: staycakey
Editing: Lann
Timing: KoolKidsK (1), joletb (2+), Pikminiman (6-7, 9)
Typesetting: Govna, Allu, GrygrFlzr, Fyurie
Encoding: KoolKidsK
Typesetting/Styling/Encoding Assistance: joletb
Quality Checking: Fyurie, joletb
Song Translation: staycakey
Song Styling: Colgatto, joletb (12)