Anitore! XX – 12

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localhost, ephemere, akatsukin, fyurie, ianu, and joletb wish you a merry christmas

This episode comes with a neat idea how to combat Christmas dinner bloat and maintain your exercise routine over the holidays. If your parents ask you what the fuck is wrong with you, just tell them Asenshi made you do it.



7 thoughts on “Anitore! XX – 12

  1. Flower

    So what are localhost and fyurie’s plushies supposed to be? A dango and a jellyfish?

    A very merry Christmas to you all as well – thanks for your hard work this year, and especially for your efforts on Amanchu and Flying Witch. They are much appreciated!

  2. Shineek

    Do you guys plan to do the bluerays? Mostly all anime have only minor retiming but this one is a mess.

      1. Shineek

        I was talking overall, many shows get BD raws but no one does them, as long as there are subs it just needs minor retiming, but not in the case of anitore xx, each episode has 30 seconds of new scenes added here and there messing the timing so bad its hard to retime it with my basic skills, not to mention there are additional lines of text here and there.

  3. Akiko

    If you do decide to do it, let me know. I already have the typesetting done, so it’s just a matter of pasting the new lines in once they’re translated.


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