Anitore! XX – 10

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when the DOMS hit you

when the back DOMS hit you

We’re in the double digits now, meaning another quarter of the year has almost gone by. In addition to that, this year is almost over. Were you aware of that? What an awful realization.


4 thoughts on “Anitore! XX – 10

    1. Ianu Post author

      2015 was trash, and I remember thinking “Eh, can it even get any worse in 2016?”

      I dare not think of 2017.

      Anime looks better than ever, though. Time to put my escapist hat on again, full-time.

  1. Enamelthyst

    Holy shit, the unilaterals killed me. Generally speaking push-ups are a strength for me, but I can barely make it through a set of these…


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