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Starting today, we have switched to minglong as the primary tracker and some open trackers as backups.
Only Little Witch Academia will have updated torrent links since minglong might shut down too in the future.
In case you haven’t seen yet, NyaaTorrents has permanently shut down.

All shows (including LWA) will be getting new torrent/magnet links (with open trackers + DHT) at a later time.
Until then, you can download all of our shows via XDCC. (To download something, you will need a proper IRC client such as HexChat.)

28 thoughts on “Anime Torrenting Information

        1. notable

          AnimeTosho creates ddls for English-Translated category listings on TokyoTosho and Quite a few hosts, and they also post to Usenet

    1. joletb Post author

      In the text box, doesn’t matter if you’re in our channel or not. (But you will have to be connected to

    1. PaleBlue

      I guess they mean,it’s not outside the realm of possibility, so it’s best not to put all their eggs in one basket.

        1. Porto

          Well, it depends on where minglongs server is. Nyaa was in sweden and according to some rumors a new law made linking to pirated content illegal as well. I think it was part of CETA. That stupid agreement between EU and Canada. So Nyaa owner went paranoid and Nyaa is gone as well as the DB.

        2. Anonymous

          Someone posted on /a/ that minglong was thinking about shutting down on irc but obviously I can’t confirm or deny that.

    2. Koby

      Minglong himself has personally stated he’s unsure if he wants to maintain minglong and he’s made it known to those of us who use it to share our releases that it may disappear but he’d give us a heads up in plenty of time to do something about it prior to it happening.

      1. joletb Post author

        Kinda slow but your comment was flagged as spam by WP for some reason, I’ve unflagged it now.


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