Amanchu! — 13 (OVA)

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Akari and Aika’s ancestors!

Whoa, where’d this come from?! I finally found the time and motivation to get this done (cough cough season 2), and I forgot just how much I loved this show somehow. Other subs have been out for this for a long time, so this is really just for my own selfish benefit and the feeling of accomplishment, but if you haven’t seen it yet or have been waiting, then please enjoy! Tomorrow we’ll be working on the new season, and from here on out we’ll try to get it done on the date of airing.

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4 thoughts on “Amanchu! — 13 (OVA)

  1. nyaako

    I was sad when you guys announced that the old staff weren’t doing it, but I guess you couldn’t escape how great the show is and came back. Thanks for the release!


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