Amanchu! — 10

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we do not so much need the help of our friends as the confidence of their help in need

Summer’s slowly but surely coming to an end here. There’s nothing like the wistfulness of looking out the window and watching the last days of summer fade away while you’re stuck at your desk.

Akatsukin: Do you remember what Pikari’s real name means? I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out. And have you ever felt lost before? How did you handle it? Perhaps by episode’s end you’ll have learned to see those times in a new light.


6 thoughts on “Amanchu! — 10

    1. Akatsukin

      Have you played Super Mario 64? It’s kind of like that. Besides the Japanese’s penchant for using random English words, Pikari actually says it a bit stranger than most. Normally it’s レッツゴー, which is “Let’s go”, but Pikari says レッツラゴー, which is more “Let’s a-go!” Near the end I decided that I wanted to change it, so once I get around to the batch I’ll be updating all of those lines.

    1. Ianu Post author

      Ane-chan-senpai has this unfortunate predilection for random portmanteaus. “Bosomarina” (“bosom” & “marina”) was an attempt to find an adequate representation for the portmanteau used in the original line, which was a mesh-up of “osamari” and “marina”. Those two words don’t really go well together. Her line was fairly standard, “I’m having trouble picking something that fits my size”, more or less; but we had to work “marina” in there somehow. So we ended up using “bosom” for “size” since “bosom” and “marina” at least shared a letter, and that was something we could work with. Sometimes you get lines like these which, well, just can’t be helped.

      (My initial suggestion was something like “I’m struggling to find something that fits my buxomarina body type”, and I think I’m happy it got shot down.)


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