Amanchu! — 07

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don’t shoot, officer! we’re white!

It was raining in Amanchu!, it was raining outside, and it was raining in my heart. Weekend’s almost over again.

Did you notice that Katori-sensei gets a lot of very favorable shots in the anime? Might just be my christmas cake fetish, though. In any case, I’m certainly not complaining.

Akatsukin: I mean, I wasn’t going to say anything, but since you gave me space… It’s Mato-chan-sensei. Oh, and I expect you to know what “baka” means. Seriously.


8 thoughts on “Amanchu! — 07

  1. m i o

    >Oh, and I expect you to know what “baka” means
    Oh dear. You’re going to trigger the Commiefags again. Also, you uploaded the torrent on NT under Mezashite again.

    1. Akatsukin

      In case you’re wondering, that’s because nobody is awake to fix that when we usually release. And for some reason I still don’t have the Asenshi account info. So it’s kind of an unavoidable mistake.

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