Amanchu! — 06

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i wish that senpai notices me

I swim some five to eight kilometers a week, but I currently don’t have the time to follow my routine and that makes me a bit sad, even more so when I sub this show. I guess it can’t be helped.

Akatsukin: Notes! Pokoten seems to be a reference to this song, which sort of makes sense. Information about Ai-chan and the happiness ribbons can be found on this site as well. In reality, red means victory, and pink means love. I think they were chosen appropriately.


11 thoughts on “Amanchu! — 06

  1. brandy

    No “fair-weather doll”
    No “Let’s get ready to rumble!”.
    No “I’m so jelly!”
    No “Golly gee willikers!”
    And among so many, many stupid lines, no endless “whoop”ing.

    Thanks so much Asenshi.

  2. anonsan

    CR also used Pokoten but prez Aria’s full name is Aria Pokoteng.
    I think the teacher is also a character from an older manga of hers? If it’s the Third, Pokoteng probably featured there as well.

    1. Akatsukin

      Consider this a response to tohres as well. Did you mean to spell Pokoteng and not Pokoten? I guess that could fit too, and if it’s official maybe we’ll update it if I can see the page it’s written on as evidence, but I don’t see it as a huge deal. And did you mean the Aria Aria or the Amanchu Aria for the full name thing?

      Also, I’m aware that Advisor Tea/Cha’s real name is Aria and that the other cat is Ohime, just like in the Aria manga and Amano’s real life. Are you saying that Katori-sensei is from a different Amano manga too? I don’t think she usually reuses characters, but again I haven’t read her extensive works. I’ll check out my artbook and see if I can find her in one of them. It’d be funny if this really was her third car named Pokoten.

  3. Xeiros

    This is fucking awful.

    My wish right now is to dive in the ocean with Pikari, Ane-chan-senpai (are you fucking serious), and Otouto-kun-senpai (This is what incompetence looks like).

    It reads like a parody of bad fansubs. All you needed was a fucking TL note at the top of the screen with the actual translation to that bullshit.

    I can’t wait to see you dipshits try to defend lines like the above or the numerous others with horrible, awkward, robotic prose. This is terrible. Get it together.

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