Amanchu! — 02

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You can't style on me

You can’t style on this

What, you didn’t trust Deko-chang to include this chapter? Oh ye of little faith, watch and be healed.


Edit: lol upyo error at 8:17 should be “That’s cheating” instead of “Awesome”, will be fixed for batch. My bad.

6 thoughts on “Amanchu! — 02

  1. Xeiros

    What are you talking about? At 8:17 Pikari simplu says すごい which literally translates to amazing/awesome/incredible what have you. It’s one of if not the most common expressions in Japanese when someone is expressing how blown away they are by something. It in no way shape or form means “that’s cheating” or any variation thereof. This is very much cut and dry.

    What you have is the correct translation. Changing it to “that’s cheating” is making up dialogue that was never there. People are trusting you not to just make shit up when you translate unless of course there is no equivalent in the second language, but that’s not the case here. They’re trusting you to make subtitles that are what the characters are actually saying.

    Perhaps Pikari is thinking “That’s cheating!”, but she never says anything of the sort out loud. At least not at 8:17.

    1. Akatsukin Post author

      Thank you, but I misheard. Even the manga says it’s ずっこい as far as I can tell ( The reason I didn’t question it is because Pikari is a very excitable person, and I didn’t find it strange that she would see Sensei speeding by on a scooter down a steep hill and think it was super cool.


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