9 thoughts on “Akame ga KILL – Episode 21

  1. Wise Otter of the Lake

    I do believe that the studio’s reason for changing the adaptation after the first half of ep.19 is not due to budget constraints… But instead because they wanted to kill off —
    I better not mention it… Still, they make me want to crush whoever has the final say in releasing the ep. to the masses like a clam on mine tummy! ( >.< )

    1. Akame

      So you are saying that you can not enjoy an anime unless it is faithful to manga ? LOL

      Personally, I liked episodes after 19 as much as before. I don’t care if it follow the manga or not because I don’t even read manga.

  2. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    I knew the show wasnt going to remain faithful when the stupid “freeze time” ability wasnt present in the fight to kill the religious cult leader. oh wellllllllllllll


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