6 thoughts on “Akame ga KILL – Episode 07

  1. Different encoder?

    Was this episode encoded by someone new, or maybe with a different setting checked somewhere? Because this is the only ASenshi release that I can’t play. I’ve kept the same settings and I can still play all of your old releases so I want to believe that it’s on the encode and not me. Thanks

    1. furzee Post author

      This has got nothing to do with the encode but with the media splitter not loading the release properly. (which in this case is probably Haali)
      Please update to the newest version of CCCP and use LAV’s splitter instead.

  2. Unfortunately it's not that simple. :/

    I wish it was that simple, but I am using up to date versions of CCCP and LAV. I probably should’ve explained what was going on whenever I attempt to play this release before, but here it is, whenever I open the file with any player (Zoom, MPC, even the terrible WMP) the file opens and I can skip through the file, but it does not actually play the file. Basically I have the ability to view the episode as a slide show of sorts. I have this issue with both LAV and Haali and tried it with Haali uninstalled as well. As an interim solution I just used VLC, but as I’m sure you know VLC has it’s issues so it isn’t a permanent solution in the slightest.

    Thank you for the advice though I really appreciate it.


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