7 thoughts on “Akame ga KILL – Episode 02

    1. heavenlyarmed

      That’s not what a translation error is, if it was even an error and not just a more informal way of representing the statement. The second one however is a legitimate derp.

  1. mythicism

    Thanks for the episode. What a coincidence indeed, going from extreme gender bender to gay. Perhaps the senshi in asenshi is … and you know birds of a feather flock together. 🙂
    @name ‘cos and ’cause are both slang versions of because and depending on the ‘dialect’ ‘cos or ’cause is the better transcription. Anyway my Japanese is not so good… but from an english perspective either could work.

    1. Xythar

      There wasn’t really any deeper meaning to it, I’m just used to writing it as ‘cos. It’s also shorter, which is a plus when the line’s pushing it for length already.

      1. name

        But ‘cos is just flat-out the wrong way of writing it. I don’t even know how it’s possible for someone to write that as their standard abbreviation of because.


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