Akame ga KILL and AkaKill Theater – Batch

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Joint with Vivid.

Translation: CR
TLC: Akatsukin
Editing: Xythar
Timing: Konbu, archdeco (1,5,9,11-12,14-15,18), joletb (1,24), Xythar (6), Ianu (16)
Typesetting: unanimated
Song translation: fnord
Song styling: Fyurie (OP1, ED1), joletb (OP2), Xythar (ED2)
Encoding: joletb, Xythar (6,10,16-18,20,22-24)
QC: Xythar, Ianu, Fyurie (10-16)

Theater credits:
Translation, timing: Akatsukin
Editing, typesetting: Xythar

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