Summer 2017 Plans

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Due to lack of staff and interest, we will be doing no TV shows this Summer season.
We’ll be instead focusing on finishing batches as well as doing BDs of certain shows. (more info on that later)
All of our future releases will be hosted on

Also, we will likely be opening up public staff recruiting for the Translator and Editor positions soon so if you want to get into fansubbing, keep a lookout for the post!

30 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Plans

  1. Anonymous

    That is great. There is some material from Lostorage WIXOSS BD’s it would be great to be worked on.

  2. Borft

    Lots of sequels this summer. The only real highlight is the next Mahoutsukai no Yome OAD in October.
    Only show I’m looking forward to is the next season of 3-gatsu no Lion, and commie probably has that covered.

  3. verysadchicken

    Well, I hoped you guys would pick up Kakegurui since it’s one of the only decent anime this season. Apart from UTW who came back from the dead to sub Fate / Apocrypha fansubbing is as good as dead right now with you guys taking a break.

    1. joletb Post author

      Dropped, sadly. Unsure whether we’ll do YuYuYu S2 either, more details in the torrent migration post.

    1. joletb Post author

      It’ll be uploaded to one more place as a failsafe. (also containing open trackers)
      I personally trust the team behind .si because they know what they’re doing.

      1. anon

        There’s a perfectly fine alternative which is not a cashcow for a bunch of cancerous circlejerkers. The .si boys pathetically scrambled to slander and ddos this alternative when it came online before their own nyaa clone. Are you sure about
        >Asenshi is not in any relations with any group except for Mezashite.

        1. joletb Post author

          First off, Asenshi was actually never in direct relations with any “torrent circlejerk”/memecartel or whatever you wanna call it, even when I was a moderator at NyaaTorrents.
          Second, I don’t see proof for the DDoS, the slandering thing was just initially shitposting stuff, unless you’re talking about the stupid scraper attack which was done by jaka who’s not part of the staff. (As far as I know, at least.)
          Third, is actually run by people who know their shit and I personally know some of the staff there.

          And also, how exactly are they a cashcow?

  4. Kirikoon

    Hopefully yall can release them first three BD mixtapes of LWA in a minute… Thats 6 tracks of fire


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