Kuroko no Basuke indefinitely delayed.

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Since the past few days — no, weeks, I have been experiencing minor to major dental issues (i.e. pain) and I have yet to find out what’s causing it. (there’s no specific tooth, or it probably is but it’s hard to diagnose)
This has been pretty much the only reason why Kuroko isn’t out yet and I do apologize for it.

I’ll be going to the hospital in the following days to do an X-ray scan of all of my teeth and (hopefully) find out what’s been causing all this pain. And no, I can’t really give an estimate as to how long this all is going to take.

Onee-chan ga Kita! will most likely be unaffected since I can probably find somebody to backup me.

And as always, thank you for your continued support.


Thanks a lot for all the donations, everybody!

We have now got an XDCC bot ([Asenshi-EU]Sekai, which is right now down due to some complications but it should be up in less than 24 hours) that can host both the current airing series and all the BD shows. (The original bots don’t host any of the BDs since they kinda take up a lot of space.)


I’ll keep this post updated if anything happens.

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