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Over the past couple months we’ve done our best to deliver your weekly dose of a couple different series. We enjoy doing what we do, and we’re sure that you enjoy watching them.

With that said, and as annoying and low as this may seem, we need your help. Server costs add up to a fair bit these days – and they’ll only keep getting bigger. Right now its not a whole lot, just a bit under $50 for a month of expenses, but it will almost certainly keep increasing in the future. We want your help to help us ensure that this is a financially viable endeavor, and not something that could have been great, but ultimately failed because of an annoyance like money.

The monthly breakdown is as follows – $25 for the seedbox (so that you can get consistently fast downloads, regardless of whether its new or old), $10 for web hosting, and anywhere from $5-10 for the XDCC bots. The XDCC bots serve as an archive of sorts so that you can be sure that episode of Jormungand you decided to skip way back, is still there for you to download and enjoy, instead of having to resort to other uh… “sources”.

$50 isn’t a whole lot for the staff to come up with on our own, and we have tried that. Unfortunately, its just not feasible in the long run simply because of the limited size and demographic of our staff. We do have enough funds to pay for the monthly site hosting, but anything beyond that is really stretching our pockets.

So, what are we asking from you? Not a lot really. Donate a dollar if you can, or ten if you want. Even if we only got 10 cents from each of our daily visitors, in one day we could raise enough to keep us running for over 3 months. We promise, nay – swear, that not a single cent goes into our pockets. We’re in this for you guys, its your support that keeps us going.

So just click that little button up there that says “Donate”. Donate as much as you can, or as little as you want. Every penny helps, and we’ll be forever grateful. And don’t worry, you won’t see another post like this for a long time – or ever if we can get a steady stream of donations. We aren’t holding any of your shows hostage, so even if we don’t get enough donations, we’ll still keep releasing as we have done in the past. Your donations will help ease the financial burden from our staff and motivate us to work faster and more diligently.

Thank you for your continued support!

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