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Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! — 03

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leapfrogging: #3 favorite student activity and pastime across japan (#2: casual human pyramid building; #1: excessive bullying)

Nothing new to report, so check out this video of a 150-strong human pyramid of school boys going awfully wrong.

Now I know why they need school nurses.


Anitore! EX — 01

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My passionate Anime Training, Anitore! is about to start!

My passionate Anime Training, Anitore! is about to start!


I definitely knew exactly what kind of anime this was going to be from the start. I most certainly did not insist we do it because of idols and was then surprised by the content. I am not confused at all by all of the summaries online. You’d best make some floor space before you start watching.

Fall 2014 Plans and BD news

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1. Akame ga Kill! (Continuing from last season, joint with Vivid)
2. selector spread WIXOSS

We will also be dropping the following BD shows:
Rozen Maiden (get coldhell’s release), Outbreak Company, Noein and Seitokai no Ichizon

Main reason being is that we (mostly me) are so busy with real life and subbing TV shows that there’s
no real way for us to finish them in the foreseeable future.

We sincerely apologize for any false hope that we might have given to you and hope that you’ll still follow and watch our releases.

Quick update regarding Akame ga KILL.

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We will be most likely changing to MBS as our video source since Tokyo MX just looks awful and the effort required to make it watchable is extreme.

This however means that we’ll have to delay the release since MBS airs approximately 27 hours later than Tokyo MX,
so from now on we’ll be releasing on Mondays and not Sundays.

We apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused but we just want this show to have decent video quality and there’s no real way to do it besides waiting for a good station.

Thanks for sticking with us!