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Anitore! XX – 10

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when the DOMS hit you

when the back DOMS hit you

We’re in the double digits now, meaning another quarter of the year has almost gone by. In addition to that, this year is almost over. Were you aware of that? What an awful realization.


Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! — 03

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leapfrogging: #3 favorite student activity and pastime across japan (#2: casual human pyramid building; #1: excessive bullying)

Nothing new to report, so check out this video of a 150-strong human pyramid of school boys going awfully wrong.

Now I know why they need school nurses.


Anitore! EX — 01

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My passionate Anime Training, Anitore! is about to start!

My passionate Anime Training, Anitore! is about to start!


I definitely knew exactly what kind of anime this was going to be from the start. I most certainly did not insist we do it because of idols and was then surprised by the content. I am not confused at all by all of the summaries online. You’d best make some floor space before you start watching.