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Little Witch Academia – 02

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I love the bitch witches, Hanna and Barbera. They have an eye for leaders too

I thought I was done with magic card games for girls, but it seems I was wrong. Just make Barbera play blue and we have Wixoss all over again. Special thanks to Laxx for the hot new banner.

joletb here: With this post, we’re announcing that we will be also doing the BDs of LWA! Look forward to even more magic!


Rewrite – 13 (The End…?)

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we never truly knew the pain of sadness until that day

we never truly knew the pain and sadness until that day

This is the finale. That’s all I have to say.

Translation: Crunchyroll (Dialogue), Areki (Songs)
Translation Check: Areki
Encoding: joletb (1-2, 4-5, 9+), vinylfreak89 (3, 6-8)
Editing: QQwerty
Timing: joletb
Styling: joletb (Dialogue, Songs), Fyurie (Songs)
Typesetting: Ephemere, Fyurie (1), joletb (1)
Quality Checking: Fyurie