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Little Witch Academia – 11

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excuse me, ma’am, do you have a moment to talk about my lord and savior shiny chariot?

Sometimes, editing is an exercise in failing. Ever try, ever fail. We assume there is a pattern to the spell names, most likely based on some Gaelic or Anglic language, only that we couldn’t confirm it yet; some spells sound dangerously close to having Latin or Ancient Greek stems. And whatever they’re derived from or mixed and matched with, they’re converted from Latin script to kana and filtered through Japanese scriptwriters and seiyuu before they reach our ears (and CCs). Well, fuck.

This episode is introducing a trope from Gaelic folktales. That is good news, since it gives us a solid hint. It is also bad news, since it means I can study phonology charts and keep combining and recombining morphemes for hours on end, but I still can’t not fuck editing this up; I wish I were a savant, but I’m of middling intellect and mediocre skill. No matter, try again: Until we get a definitive source, we have to do something. So we’ll fail again, but maybe we’ll fail better as we keep working towards it, until we find it in our hands.


Little Witch Academia – 08

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my mom told me not to watch saucy pictures on the internet; i think i’m safe

Spaghetti with mushroom sauce is one of my go-to recipes. Cut mushrooms into stripes, sear them, add cream sauce. Put that on your noodles (you know how to cook noodles, right?), and heap ungodly amounts of grated cheese on sauce and noodles. When I say ungodly amounts, I mean Xenogears-style god-slaying amounts. Eat while watching an episode of anime. Maybe even Little Witch Academia? This episode would certainly work.


Little Witch Academia – 07

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Ursula’s good, but she’s not quite “great” level yet

So there were a couple things I think bear mentioning. The first is how the TOEIC exam is scored, for us native English speakers. All you need to know is that the scores go from 10-990 potential points. The next is what I’m pretty sure is a reference to the Babymetal song Ijime, Dame, Zettai. Give it a listen, it’s pretty good.

This episode had incredible usage of line spacing, timing, and silence. This is really a unique use of humor that’s different from the past episodes. Thank Trigger for the wide variety of staff.


Little Witch Academia – 04

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GTA: glastonbury

Are you on Team Arthur or Team Edgar?

I like Ooshima Michiru, been liking her ever since ICO actually (yes, it had a soundtrack), and her Little Witch Academia score is good stuff. But man, it doesn’t really go so well with the show; at times, the disconnect is almost jarring. That’s about the only gripes I’m having, though.

Another word on last week’s Akko-tan: I made the call to use a Japanese honorific (well, a cutesy one) for this single instance as an exception to our editing policy for this show. Wangari is a fairly colorful color commentator, and if you’re watching sports, you’d know that color commentators love their signature tics and reiterating certain phrases (think Walt Frazier’s shaking and baking ad nauseam). Akko hasn’t established herself as a household name at the Academy yet, so Wangari couldn’t exactly give her the “Mushroom Poison Queen” moniker treatment, but she still tried to draw out some characteristic of this cheeky little Japanese witch for the viewers. Hence her deliberate and ostentatious use of “-tan” in a show that is low on honorifics even in the Japanese audio, particularly outside the easily translatable ones. It’s about as foreign to Wangari’s imagined viewers as it is to the averagely informed people watching fansubs.

tl;dr I regret nothing.


Akatsukin: I wonder how many times I can speak of my love for support characters before everyone realizes their greatness. If there was any hesitation in your mind this was made with the spirit of a children’s anime, this episode should put your doubts to rest. I don’t even need to say anything because Lotte explains herself perfectly for you. Here’s to hoping we can have a constructive week of discussion about the merits of Lotte’s character. Also, fuck yeah Morohoshi Sumire loli. And I told you Barbara was the best bully.

Little Witch Academia – 03

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Is this Witchkatsu?

Did you ever use to dream of flying as a child? I once got the idea to wear shopping bags over my back and use them like a parachute. Thankfully I’m not quite as much a moron as Akko is. Then again, she’s actually becoming a real witch who can fly. Maybe I should’ve jumped…


Little Witch Academia – 02

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I love the bitch witches, Hanna and Barbera. They have an eye for leaders too

I thought I was done with magic card games for girls, but it seems I was wrong. Just make Barbera play blue and we have Wixoss all over again. Special thanks to Laxx for the hot new banner.

joletb here: With this post, we’re announcing that we will be also doing the BDs of LWA! Look forward to even more magic!