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Kiznaiver — 09

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Now where have I heard of the mystical 9 episode anime before...

Now where have I heard of the mystical 9 episode anime before…


Ianu and I have become Kiznaivers. I can tell because we share each other’s physical and emotional pain and can tell what the other is thinking. Our thoughts come alive in the script comments in a way that could bring everlasting peace.

Ianu: It hurts. We learned that the singer of Boom Boom Satellites isn’t well and the OP for Kiznaiver will be their last single, so joletb and Akatsukin decided to put some effort in and kfx the opening.

Kiznaiver — 08

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I know exactly what image Ianu wants to use, and it sure isn't this one

I know exactly what image Ianu wants to use, and it sure isn’t this one


PEA, we believe, is phenethylamine in this context. Yeah, not much happens in this episode. I mean, hell, you might as well just not watch. I’m sure everyone can figure out exactly what’s going to happen anyway. See y’all next week.

Kiznaiver — 07

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You can tell who the really crazy ones are from birth

You can tell who the really crazy ones are from birth


It’s when you think you have it all figured out that you realize you truly know nothing.

Here’s a philosophy lesson that’s briefly referenced. It begins with the foundation that the only “reality” is that which you perceive, and that includes every other person you meet. Just as they only exist insofar as you know them, you only exist in how others know you. Therefore the “you” inside everyone you meet is different, and each of them is an accurate representation. And as a single person, you may also do anything you wish to your own representations of people you know, their existences inside of you. Hopefully that clears things up a bit.

Kiznaiver — 06

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gomorin squad up in this bitch

This video of Kayanon going sake shopping may or may not have contributed to our slight delay:


Notes. Hisomu, rather esoterically, makes a reference to an oldish manga called Satorare at 4:37. This manga is about geniuses who are so smart that they can’t help but telepathically project their thoughts to everyone around them. Therefore the correct translation is not that they’re “mind readers”, but that their thoughts and feelings are projected.

Boukyaku burikko, in more words than we could’ve used, means a girl who acts ditsy in an attempt to be cute and also has an element of forgetting things. In other words, she pretends to have forgotten stuff to act cute.

Charles contains Ruru in Japanese and Macking contains Maki.

Saibamen are from Dragonball Z.

I’m sorry I couldn’t fix the manjuu bun line. The pun is 不満の饅頭 “fuman no fumanjuu” since they sound similar. Many man hours went into the line but we ended up with what you saw. That’s the best our technology can do.

Kiznaiver — 05

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Spoiler-free best girl

Spoiler-free best girl


Alright, I’ve been keeping quiet each week, even starting from the embarrassingly horrendous conversation between Sonozaki and Katsuhira in episode 1, but I can’t keep silent any longer. Here is one absolutely unacceptable error, and two particularly bad lines from CR that made me nearly pull my hair out.

4:33—Urushibara says she’ll free the bullies from their Kizna/wound/whatever. CR had this as “Kiznaiver”. This is not okay. The entire fucking point of the fucking show is that there are seven (so far) fucking Kiznaivers, and they are not them. Maybe if they’d fucking listened to the fucking VA interview when they fucking played the first two episodes two weeks early then they fucking would have realized the fucking significance of the fucking “iver” part of the show’s title.

5:30—Apparently the translator also didn’t watch episode 4, as they seem to have forgotten the whole trip to the Chinese restaurant. CR: “I haven’t eaten anything but rice.” Correct: “I didn’t eat anything but the rice.”

9:51—It’s too complex to explain in a few words how they butchered Okada’s eloquent prose for Maki. Just trust me that they did. Also don’t google 人面瘡.

Kiznaiver — 04

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Ha ha, I finally get to profess my love for Nico

Ha ha, I finally get to profess my love for Nico


They play shiritori/word chain in this episode, so have fun with those subs. Also, somehow CR doesn’t understand torture devices, despite their releases being one. Ooh, sick burn. Nico is love.

Kiznaiver — 02

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typesetting three shows at the same time

The thing I don’t want people to know about me the most? Anime.


Akatsukin: Literally days after I sperged about Okada two equivalently crazy blogs wrote posts just as long or longer. It’s a good time to be a fan. Still haven’t seen Mayoiga yet though.

Kiznaiver — 01

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>waiting for asenshi

The Okada boys are back in town.


Thanks everybody for participating in our banner contest! Laxx won with an excellent submission that’s making me feel like the unworthy maggot that I am~

Akatsukin: Oops, totally forgot to explain the title (thanks It’s a combined word with kizu meaning “wound”, kizuna meaning “bond”, and then with “naive” stuck on the end. Though if you’re watching this you probably knew, but just for posterity.

Hey, I’m finally done. Come read about or watch me obsess far too much over Okada Mari. Click somewhere in here for the link. By the way, fans of Okada Mari, some of you might know that I recently gave a talk at Anime Boston all about her writing. I’m going to put it into words on my own site over at Mezashite and link to it here (hopefully tomorrow), so go check it out. I’m sure we can make better conversation than the current shitposting too (thanks Trigger).