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Little Witch Academia – 04

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GTA: glastonbury

Are you on Team Arthur or Team Edgar?

I like Ooshima Michiru, been liking her ever since ICO actually (yes, it had a soundtrack), and her Little Witch Academia score is good stuff. But man, it doesn’t really go so well with the show; at times, the disconnect is almost jarring. That’s about the only gripes I’m having, though.

Another word on last week’s Akko-tan: I made the call to use a Japanese honorific (well, a cutesy one) for this single instance as an exception to our editing policy for this show. Wangari is a fairly colorful color commentator, and if you’re watching sports, you’d know that color commentators love their signature tics and reiterating certain phrases (think Walt Frazier’s shaking and baking ad nauseam). Akko hasn’t established herself as a household name at the Academy yet, so Wangari couldn’t exactly give her the “Mushroom Poison Queen” moniker treatment, but she still tried to draw out some characteristic of this cheeky little Japanese witch for the viewers. Hence her deliberate and ostentatious use of “-tan” in a show that is low on honorifics even in the Japanese audio, particularly outside the easily translatable ones. It’s about as foreign to Wangari’s imagined viewers as it is to the averagely informed people watching fansubs.

tl;dr I regret nothing.


Akatsukin: I wonder how many times I can speak of my love for support characters before everyone realizes their greatness. If there was any hesitation in your mind this was made with the spirit of a children’s anime, this episode should put your doubts to rest. I don’t even need to say anything because Lotte explains herself perfectly for you. Here’s to hoping we can have a constructive week of discussion about the merits of Lotte’s character. Also, fuck yeah Morohoshi Sumire loli. And I told you Barbara was the best bully.

Anitore! XX – 12

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localhost, ephemere, akatsukin, fyurie, ianu, and joletb wish you a merry christmas

This episode comes with a neat idea how to combat Christmas dinner bloat and maintain your exercise routine over the holidays. If your parents ask you what the fuck is wrong with you, just tell them Asenshi made you do it.



Anitore! XX – 11

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yukkuri asamicchi says: take it easy

I worked out on Monday despite feeling a bit under the weather and promptly fell ill. That was not one of my best ideas.

Are you a CR translator or editor? I recommend this for a nice leisurely evening read.


Anitore! XX – 10

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when the DOMS hit you

when the back DOMS hit you

We’re in the double digits now, meaning another quarter of the year has almost gone by. In addition to that, this year is almost over. Were you aware of that? What an awful realization.


Anitore! XX – 09

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can’t ruse da andalooz

If you have big breasts (or manboobs), jumping rope can damage your connective tissue and result in back problems. At least invest in a good sports bra. Jumping rope can give you massive street cred though, so it might be worth it.


Anitore! XX – 08

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when your uncle starts telling you what the problem with minorities is

when your uncle starts telling you what the problem with minorities is

Happy Thanksgiving, minna-san. Tomorrow is the day furthest from the next time you’ll have your complete extended family ask you why you still don’t have a girlfriend, so that’s something to look forward to, right?

Here’s a video of three young girls touching each other to tide you over until tomorrow.


Anitore! XX – 07

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fresh kicks asamicchi w2c?

fresh kicks asamicchi w2c?

Silly geese, thinking that running is for fitness. Running is for when you turn 39 and realize only finishing the New York City Marathon will save you from the big mistake your life has become; your wife and kids will love you again, the bald spots on your head will disappear, your boss will promote you to senior accountant, and your 2009 Altima will turn into a 2012 Altima. Just put a fitness app on your budget smartphone and start running into the setting sun.